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    Filter multiple views with different dates on one parameter issue

    Edward Ostrovsky

      I have two metrics: `rep_id`, `user_id`

      I have three dimensions: `rep_onboard_date`, `user_application_date`, `user_enrollment_date`


      I created a parameter called "Launch Date", which is a date that equals 1/1/2018. Note that I have data going back a few years before that.


      I have three views:

      1) columns = `month(rep_onboard_date)`, rows=`cntd(rep_id)`

      2) columns = `month(user_application_date)`, rows=`cntd(user_id)`

      3) columns = `month(user_enrollment_date)`, rows=`cntd(user_id)`


      I would like to create a single filter on the dashboard- to filter all, pre "Launch Date" and post "Launch Date".


      I tried creating three calculated fields according to http://kb.tableau.com/articles/howto/creating-a-filter-for-start-and-end-dates-parameters so I created:

      Onboard_Date = [rep_onboard_date]>=[Launch Date]

      Application_Date = [user_application_date]>=[Launch Date]

      Enrollment_Date = [user_enrollment_date]>=[Launch Date]


      But then I can only add one or the other (or both) as filter- which isn't what I am looking for.

      Note that adding these into one filter with an "or" statement doesn't work because when setting filter=True I still get data before the Launch Date.


      Any help is greatly appreciated!