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    Cannot Create LOD with Multiple Data Sources

    Elie Rahi

      I'm trying to create a visual that shows the cumulative cost vs. target by month but having some issues. I need it to look like this:



      It needs to shows the cumulative cost for all Teams (A, B, C and D) with different hourly rates. There's three data sources: hours worked, hourly rates by team and the target by month. I'm having 3 issues with this and was hoping to get some assistance.


      Issue 1

      I want the visual to show a line plot for all teams as an aggregate. I tried doing a LOD with {fixed  [Team]: SUM([Hours Worked])*SUM(Hour Rates)].[Rate])} but it tells me that LOD expressions must come from the same datasource.


      Issue 2

      I want the visual to show a forecasted line from May-Dec based on the monthly average of Jan-Apr - something akin to a run rate. The forecasted month May-Dec needs to be in a different colour as shown above.


      Issue 3

      I want the visual to have a line for target. I've added a separate data source for the targets and blended on Start Month and Month but for some reason it's not showing.


      I've attached the workbook.