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    How many programs does an individual student take?

    Valdis Tomsons



      Very new to Tableau and would like to determine how many of my students (% is fine) have taken more then one program? I have student ID and Academic Program as dimensions (string) and the number of records for my measures. Although some programs list a number higher then 1, its more of yes/no I am looking for but I know that's not possible for a measure (I think).


      Here's a snapshot of my data. The first student (3531143) is really only in one program (NC.DOHS) even though the number 9 is pictured. The second student(272022) is listed in two separate programs (N.MCPM, NC.MDP) with a value of 2 & 3 so I want this student to appear as a student who has taken more then one program. Hopefully you have some suggestions. It would then be nice to see how many students from NC.OHS went on to take NC.DOHS. Thanks for any advice.