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    Can we modify the URL for a view on Tableau Server?

    Tony Chan

      Is there a way to rename the URL for a view on Tableau Server?  Our users sometimes save the dashboard URL in sharepoint and on the browser.


      For example:

      1. We publish to production “Approved” project and the URL is https://tableau.abc.org/#/views/workbookname/viewname
      2. Developer needs to make a fix so they publish a new copy to the QA project, but now the URL is different https://tableau.abc.org/#/views/workbookname/viewname_0
      3. After a few days of testing, we migrate the QA copy to Approved project with new URL
      4. Is there a way to change back to the original URL?


      We are currently using Projects instead of separate Server or Site for QA > Prod as Tableau recommends. But we want to keep the URL the same for our dashboards.


      Appears it appends a number to URL when ever there are multiple copies of the workbook name on server.

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          Donna Coles

          Hi Chan


          Tableau doesn't consider the 'project' as part of the URL structure, so if you have workbooks with the same name in different projects, it will automatically append the trailing number.  You can't change the URL.  The only thing I suggest in this instance, is once the QA instance has been validated, that version is republished from Desktop into the Approved project.  As it will be the same name as an existing workbook, you will overwrite the existing version, which will then also retain the original URL.



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            Tony Chan

            Thanks Donna for confirming we can't change URL.


            To prevent our production URL to have a trailing number, I was thinking an option is:

            - publish the QA workbook with prefix "TEST-"

            - publish the PROD workbook without the prefix "TEST" or append "-PROD"


            This way, users with permissions to both can differentiate them too.


            Regards. Tony

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              Donna Coles

              Hi Tony


              Yes that's certainly an option.


              You will still have to overwrite the PROD version once you're happy with the TEST instance.


              I try to encourage users to publish 'test' reports with the suffix WIP.  From experience, you need to try to instill in your user base that TEST instances have a finite life.  Ensure they delete the TEST instance once the PROD is published, and keep a good review on the volume and age of your TEST workbooks.  I find this a constant battle and there are numerous instances of reports named WIP on our server that seem to have become the 'primary' instance in that they have a large no of regular hits.  As admin I can't just simply delete due to the usage, but need to coordinate with the report owner to manage the transition.  Ultimately the issue is that as a server admin, you care about a tidy house; users not so much.  They get sent links to a report in an email and that is then bookmarked and used forever more.  Its not always obvious to them what project the report sits in, nor that the url has the work WIP or TEST in it.

              Good luck!