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    Calculate Bonus $ in the Month it is Reached

    Roopa Shelton

      Hi all. I'm working on a commissions report for my sales team. My actual data source is Salesforce, but I've used Superstore for my sample workbook to post here.


      The logic is to add a $4,000 bonus to the sales rep's commission on the month that $20,000 in sales is reached for an individual account, and only on that month.


      In my Superstore example, I'm pretending

      sales rep = category

      account = sub-category


      So each time a category's sub-category (or, in my world, "a sales rep's account") reaches $20,000, I want to show $4,000 as a BONUS in that month. That $ will then be added to the base commission $ I have set up in this workbook of 15% of the sales $.


      Also, in the end, I'm not so interested in showing all the sub-category detail. I will need a total commission $ for each month.

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