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    Query Active Directory User Information? (Not Authentication)

    Nathan Panuco

      I want to query and visualize the existing state of our AD installation (users, groups, permissions, etc.) in Tableau, but have been unable to find any recent information if this is possible.


      Previous discussions seem to indicate it is not natively supported:


      2012 Idea: https://community.tableau.com/ideas/1701

      2015 Ask: How to Query / Connect Tableau to Active Directory to prepare a report for AD user attributes?

      2016 Idea: https://community.tableau.com/ideas/6312

      2016 Ask: Query Active Directory for User Attributes


      All of the above posts eventually point to this to this 3rd party LDAP ODBC Driver: LDAP ODBC Driver - ODBC | ODBC Drivers | ODBC Connection | ODBC API and Visualize LDAP Objects in Tableau


      Does anyone have any newer suggestions for this issue or has used the above product and can give a recommendation/warning?