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    9 May Tableau Virtual Tableau Healthcare User Group Meeting Materials

    Jonathan Drummey



      This thread is for materials for the presentations for the 9 May 2018 meeting Virtual Healthcare Tableau User Group | Tableau Software . Thanks to Jenn Petti, Simon Beaumont, and Michael Mann for presenting!


      Here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olVaSVk8WmI:





      Jonathan's intro and overview is attached.

      Simon Beaumont's Tableau Public page is: Tableau Public

      More information about the Tableau Assist workbook that Simon mentioned can be found here: Helping interactors maximise their user experience of Tableau Server; Tableau Top Tips, User Guides and Tableau Assist

      Big Book of Dashboards: http://bigbookofdashboards.com

      For Tableau Server admins - Paul Banoub's site is a fantastic resource: https://vizninja.com/

      Michael's slides are attached.

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          Simon Beaumont

          Hi all,


          Thanks for a fantastic health TUG yesterday, it was great to see so many people participating in the group. As promised here's a follow up to things referenced in my presentation.


          My blog contains all of our Tableau Top Tips and User Guides which are in a word format to enable you to download them and re-brand as your own www.vizionaryblog.co.uk


          I mentioned we kick off our Tableau extracts as soon as our warehouse build have completed. This is done by having Tableau command utility installed and running the command to trigger a schedule (the trigger is actioned only at the end of the warehouse build).


          tabcmd.exe runschedule --server http://<tableauServerAddress --username <username> -password <password> <TableauScheduleName>


          You will need to create a tableau extract refresh schedule that isnt assigned to a time or date to run, so when you view the schedule on Tableau Server it will show 'Disabled' against the next run column. You can also apply this to subscriptions as an additional line after the extract refresh call.


          Jonathan previously shared my Tableau Public profile (https://public.tableau.com/profile/simon.beaumont#!/) in particular the vizzes that may be of interest on there are:


          - UK Health TUG Centre of Excellence presentation

          - Big book of dashboards patient tracker

          - Business <> Boring : Benchmarking performance pops

          - Workforce profiles

          - NHS friends and family benchmarking analysis


          I hope the above helps. If you do have any follow up questions please do not hesitate to reach out.