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    Hide sheet but keep filter

    michael morrone



      I am fairly new to Tableau so I apologize if there is an easy way to do this - or if I should be looking in a different direction. I have a dashboard that displays call volume from different locations in our network. At first it has the overall volume in a tree map on the top left, our markets in the top right, and our regions in the bottom. When you select a market it filters the tree map and the regions to just the regions within that market. Upon selecting a region it hides the market and replaces that with the stores in that region (the store view is behind the market, it is not swapping it out, I couldn't seem to get that option to work). This is where I run into the 1st problem, the region filter at the bottom is removed and displays all of the regions - it appears the reason for this is that the "hide" parameter and calculation that I created just clears the market sheet and allows the store to then become visible. The second problem is since the market view is only cleared, you cannot click on the branch view because of the market view still technically being in front of it. I unfortunately cannot provide a packaged work book because of the data within it, I have attached some screenshots and if needed could make a dummy workbook with false data in it to recreate the problem.


      Eventually my goal would be to then select the branch and have the region view changed with our sub call type view. The reason we wanted it like this is it will be displayed on a public site and there will be people at various levels that will be accessing it and all will want to easily click through depending on the level of data they want.


      Thank you so much!



      Dashboard View.PNGMarket View.PNGRegion View.PNG