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    Marks - Order of Execution

    Karthikeyan Masialamani



      I have 2 columns in X, say for example Department, Manager.


      I used Shapes for Department and Color for Manager, The order which I followed is as below.


      1) Drag and dropped the Columns in the column shelf.

      2) Drag and dropped Department in the shapes ( custom shapes)

      3) Drag and dropped the Manager in the color


      Does tableau apply the same order of execution ( as mentioned above) internally ? Or anything based on tableau engine?

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          Hello Karhikeyan,


          As you drag the marks out they should be querying as they are dropped onto the sheet. Though if you have data updates paused I believe Tableau will run the query for the entire view, in which, Tableau will optimize the query to the best of its ability to return the data.


          Additionally, there is a section of the Tableau product help on the order of operations found here: Tableau's Order of Operations


          Hope this helps!


          Cheers, Byrne, Patrick

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