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    Feedback needed

    Jesus  Fandino

      Hello Tableau Community!


      I'm new to Tableau, and I have been struggling for weeks to create my first viz. After countless hours of frustrations, I ended up with this:




      I'm sure I have tons of details to sort, but I did my best and now I need some help figuring out what I missed.

      I would like to know among others if

      -  I accomplished the main purpose

      - All graphs are understandable

      - The sequence of graphs does make sense

      - There are better options to represent the same info in a given slide

      And any other suggestions you are kind to make.


      Thank you.


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          Ciaran Bource

          Hi Jesus,


          In my own personal opinion (very subjective), I do believe you did pretty good for a first try !


          The more you use Tableau the better you'll get at it and find some new features and different ways of optimizing your workbooks !


          -  I accomplished the main purpose : You like Andy Murray

          - All graphs are understandable : He's doing well but not excellent

          - The sequence of graphs does make sense : This is pretty subjective I believe



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            Jim Dehner

            Good morning

            your viz is interesting -

            I think yo are making the case the Murray is on the rise as elite professional -


            I am not certain I follow the charts though - (as a general rule - if you need a lot of dialog to explain the chart then it is not doing its job )

            - I'm not a tennis play so forgive some of the comments) - don't understand the significance of the first 2 charts and their placement in the story - it the argument is that Murray is on the rise and has improved over the years in majors and Master 1000 - leading with the fact that he is not effective (along with everyone ex Nadal) on clay seems out of order - would be more effective to present his strengths ang progression and ten note that 'Nadal' dominates caly court matches

            your 4th and 5th charts make the point - the 6th chart is a bit busy - but makes a point also -



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              Jesus  Fandino

              Good morning Jim:


              Thanks for taking the time to review my project, I appreciate it.

              I will take all your comments into account to improve my visualization.


              Your conclusion is right, about Murray being on the rise, however, I found that out by doing this project. The question I was trying to answer was if he belongs to the Big 4 (in spite of what the press says), and to be honest as a longtime tennis fan myself, I believed he did not. It just was a feeling, I started to dig deeper into the stats and those issues on clay emerged,  all was going in the direction of my bias, I guess. Low grand slams count overall, etc. Then I started giving a closer look at what happened in the recent past, and then slowly my opinion changed. I should probably have to find a better way to tell this story.


              Thank you very much.


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                Jesus  Fandino

                Hello Ciaran:

                Thanks for taking the time to go through my presentation, and for your kind comments. I appreciate that.



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                  Jim Dehner

                  Thanks for the feed back -

                  don't know that you need a better way - I think it is in the narrative - If you lead slide sets the question "does murray belong in the Big 4" - that gives a back drop for what follows - don't know what the viz is for that - maybe something that just provides a summary of career wins - then you can make the rest of the case - and reach the conclusion on your final slide

                  Good luck