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    Trouble With Filters

    Sam Marquez

      Hello, I'm having some difficulty understanding how to work with pivoted data and get my information to filter properly.


      I followed the tutorial here (LIKERT SCALE TABLEAU TUTORIAL - YouTube ) to create a likert visualization, however I'm having a hard time working with my other data now that it is in this format. For example, my demographics work fine as filters (they are unpivoted). For example, in the following image region works perfectly when I use it to filter:




      However, when I try to filter using 'amount of work', then my likert visualizations turn into this funky single bar:




      I'm almost certain that I'm doing something wrong with my pivoted data, but I'm not sure what. Here's an example of what it looks like:



      I had to do some funky stuff to get that graph out. And when I renamed the aliases it renamed every 0,1,2 in the responses column. That's a separate issue, however. The main issue is: why do my demographics (unpivoted) work as filters and my pivoted data doesn't?




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          David Maning

          Hi Sam,


          I suggest you to attach the workbook.



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            Sam Marquez

            Here's the workbook. So, the dashboard filters work for sheets that were generated from fields that I didn't pivot (i.e. Region and Years Worked). However, when I try to filter using a sheet created from the pivoted field (such as amount of work or confidence in business), everything goes wonky. I suspect I am either doing filters wrong, or I am not using the pivot correctly to create the charts. Of course, it could be both! If yall have a suggestion for how I can better use pivoted data, please share - I see many people advocate using pivoted data for surveys, but it feels clunky so I think I'm doing it wrong.