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    New record to be added

    Samuel Dharmaraj Thiagarajan

      I have the warehouse data excel file connected to the Tableau. Now after working on that, I need a new record to be added to the file.


      The following is the new record that needs to be added,

      Warehouse : 00056

      Name Warehouse : Repair

      Qty : 15

      Incoming warehouse : 5/8/2018, 12pm


      Please mention the steps to be followed to add the record(with pictures).

      I have attached the workbook and the actual excel file.

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          Jim Dehner

          Good morning Samuel

          couple of pont - your post says you have a single record to add - viewing your excel file your record appears to be incomplete - i.e. your post 4 columns of data the file contains 32 -


          second you have 2 options available to you when adding data to a tableau data set

          1 add the data to you excel file and refresh the data

          or add it as a separate file and append (Union) it to the existing data



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            lovepreet kaur

            Hello Samuel


            These step may help you, please follow:

            If are using the extract of you data then first of all go to data source and then turn it to live.

            Then Update the file(add data to the file) with the data you are having in new file and save it.

            Make sure you are updating the one which is connected to the tableau.

            Then open the tableau and refresh the data.

            the data will be updated on tableau as well.


            if you want to connect your data base directly with you tableau there may another steps.

            The above steps are to update the data source held in excel.