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    user specific view - issue filter for all values

    Patrick Weber

      Hi friends of Tableau,


      I have a question about specific user filter:

      In my example there are 3 agents who work for the same company (Mr Doe, Mr Smith and Mrs Jones).

      Each agent can only see his own results/sales. In this case I used instead of Username()=[Agent]

      the condition [Agent]='doe' in order to simulate Mr Doe, who is loged in as Tableau user 'doe'.



      Now he only sees his records.

      But I also need a way that he will be able to see the aggregate/ total values like in worksheet 'Total'.

      There should be a filter where he can choose between his name and an option 'all'.

      But he is not allowed to see any filtered records of his co-workers.


      Is there a way to realize that?

      Thanks for any tips.