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    How  to visualize recent months in current year,  comparing same months in previous years.

    Gopal Yadav

      Data Size 2014 to 2018

      Tableau refresh - Monthly

      Hi All - I' m refreshing my dashboard today with (Including April 2018 records) i want show in visualization first four months in all the years (2014 to 2018).



      2014 Jan to April

      2015 Jan to April

      2016 Jan to April

      2017 Jan to April

      2018 Jan to April


      If refreshed the same dashboard next month it will automatically reflect  may records compare to all the previous years.


      2015 Jan to May

      2016 Jan to May

      2017 Jan to May

      2018 Jan to May

      @Please suggest how do this. Thanks in advance for your help.