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    Daily Active users spread over time.

    Saket Shelar

      So here’s the concept.

      I want to see the users who were online within the last 1 day spread over time i.e. Daily.

      Primarily the requirement was just to see the active users daily for 1 day.
      So we used  
      If [LAST SEEN ON] >= [End date] -1
      then ‘Active User’
      If [LAST SEEN ON] < [End date] -1
      then ‘Dormant User’

      it looked like this

      now if I want to see it for each day in a week my end date needs to change on each day as per the axis on which the line graph is spread over.

      I want to achieve something like this.



      Here in the calculation end date should become 29/12 in the first week, 01/05 in the second week and so on, instead of the same end date for all the days which I’m passing through the parameter.

      Thanks in advance!!

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          Esther Aller

          Hi Saket,


          If you are able to share  a workbook that would be great! It is always easier to help out when we can see the structure of the data.


          It sounds like in your final line graph, the x-axis will be [LAST SEEN ON], and for all dates in a week, the [End Date] should be the Friday of that week. If that is the case, then you might create a calculation for [End Date] like:


          DATEADD('day', 5, DATETRUNC('week', [LAST SEEN ON]))


          DATETRUNC() will return the first day of the week that any date belongs to, which is Sunday by default. Then DATEADD() will add five days to move the end date to Friday. See Date Functions for more information.


          Hope this helps!

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