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    How to get multiple wildcard filters in report?

    Tulu Sahoo



      I have to make a report which will be shown empty until user input any filter/filters.


      All filters should be input type that is wildcard and one is drop down. And major requirement is "User can select input values in one or more than one filter, and it should show data when all conditions matches, show empty report if no matching condition found". 


      To achieve this i used parameter and a calculation. For one filter it is working fine But when i use more than one filter, it shows data taking all filters separately not by combining all.

      I have used a calculation " Search Condition " which is as follows :

      [Account ]=STR([Account])


      [DNS DGT]=STR([Dns Dgt])







      Ex : In the attached workbook, my account :123  is of market " US", first i enter "123" in account filter then it shows 1 row based on this condition.then without removing this when i select market as "Brazil (BR)", it shows all data for both this condition as well as previous one, but ideally it should show none as there is no "account: 123" in "BR Market".


      I have attached the workbook. Let me know solution to this or any other way to achieve this.