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    Request for Master Thesis Interview

    Xiaosong Zhang

      Hi everyone!


      We are two Master students who are studying Information Systems at School of Economics and Management at Lund University in Sweden. Currently, we are working on our Master's Thesis and need to conduct some interviews with someone who responsible for training the end-users to use Tableau in the companies. For the Master's Thesis, we are interested in the training for Business Intelligence (BI) training for the end-users, especially for the business users. As doing the literature review, several articles have talked about the importance of having the business users to have control and analyze the data by using BI rather than the technical people. We also learned that the current trend of BI system is shifting towards self-service, data visualization and analysis tools. And, more business users who are lacking technical skills could be able to use such tools to create personalized reports rather than just the highly skilled workers, which is why we are interested in learning about developing the training program for the end-users, especially for business users who are lacking technical background and may have different training focus.


      We are interested in learning about the Tableau training program in the companies, such as the training design and process and challenges faced as training the end-users. We would really appreciate if someone can help us to do the interviews. The interview will be around 30 minutes via Skype or phone call. And the interview is going to be anonymous. If you are interested in our research topic please reply this post or contact us by the contact information listed at the bottom. We are looking forward to hearing from you!


      Thank you and have a nice day!





      Ruijing Cheng

      Xiaosong Zhang


      Master’s Student at Lund University

      School of Economics and Management

      Department of Informatics

      Telephone: +46 76-075 89 91 or +46 76-078 74 31

      E-mail: xi4707zh-s@student.lu.se or ru4785ch-s@student.lu.se