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    Help with Pie Charts

    Roberto Angelucci

      Hello Tableau Community,


      I have a task and looking for someone kind enough to assist.


      I have a table that is in excel file with some data as shown below:

      NameCompliantDate of Compliance

      1 Jan 2018

      BYes1 Jan 2018
      CYes1 Jan 2017
      DYes1 Jan 2018
      EYes1 Jan 2018
      FYes1 Jan 2018
      GNo1 Jan 2017
      HYes1 Jan 2018

      What I am trying to achieve, hopefully simple enough for some of you is the following:


      I want to create a dashboards with a pie chart that gives me the following information:


      a) A Dashboard Title with the numbers of Compliant vs non compliant items (eg title with the above data "Compliance 7 of 8")

      b) one pie chart that should show % Compliant  vs % non compliant (in this case one slice of the pie chart with 87.5% Compliant and the other with 12.5%)

      c) the non compliant section should always be red in colour (ie the 12.5% slice in red)

      d) the compliant section based upon its value should be either red, yellow or green.

      ie:  above 97.5% - green

            between 87.5% and 93% - yellow

            below 93% -red


      Is this possible in Tableau?


      Thank you in advance


      Best regards