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    Assistance with how to calculate % of a Total across a variable range

    LanceCM Martens

      Hi All,


      I would appreciate any assistance with developing the calculated fields to enable me to calculate % of Total “Unscheduled” delays across a variable range in my workbook.



      • I have two tabled performance areas in my attached workbook, namely
      1. Ops (Sheet – OVT Ops), and
      2. Engineering (Sheet – OVT Mech&Elect)


      • For each performance area, I determine
      1. Hours delay duration (measures field - Harvest Dlyduration)
      2. Financial impact (measures field - Business $ Loss), and
      3. The % of respective hour delay, of total Unscheduled delay duration (measures field - *% of Total Unsched) “This measure is my problem area”


      Assistance required context:

      • For both my performance tables, I need a calculated filed that will enable me to determine the % of each respective delay, of the total Unscheduled delay duration.
      • I have also introduced a depiction below, and as a dashboard in my workbook to illustrate what I’m attempting to calculate.


      % of_Pic1.GIF


      I have attached my workbook (v10.5.2)

      Any guidance will be most appreciated, 



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