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    tabcmd get / publish

    Jeff Strauss

      We have an existing script that replicates published datasources across sites (from our internal site to our marketer site).  It's always worked well until now (with the introduction of 10.5 Hyper).  It does a tabcmd get of the tdsx from "internal", and then a tabcmd publish to "Marketer" of the tdsx.  Upon trying to do a new web edit session against the Marketer replicated copy, it works fine if the originating datasource hasn't been refreshed yet, but it provides a nifty error if the originating datasource has already been upgraded to Hyper.  Has anybody run into such this issue and know what to do about it?  There seems to be a leftover .tde artifact somewhere, but I can't find where at.


      I think maybe we have a workaround, if we do this ahead of time for all the replicated datasources (32).  We haven't proven why this works yet, but we've had mixed success.

      - Upgrade to 10.5

      - Refresh on internal

      - Manual download

      - Manual publish to internal

      - Then run the replication script

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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Hello Jeff,


          Do you have a support ticket open for this?  The error you show there is pretty generic and the actual use case is pretty unique so I would recommend opening a ticket with logs, and enough information to create a reproducible scenario here in Support. 


          Thanks Jeff.



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            Jeff Strauss

            Hey Patrick.  Thanks for the reply.  We haven't opened a support ticket yet as we have a workaround, but we will open hopefully next week.



            Reminder for myself of how to replicate.

            1. Allow extract to refresh on source site


            2. tabcmd get from source site


            3. tabcmd publish to target site


            4. Try out web edit on target site, expect it to break