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    calculation help

    Deborah Auer

      tableau 10.4


      I am trying to accomplish the calculation for column G in the excel attachment.

      In short, it is the count of all closed NCRs for the specified NCR Create date (regardless if open in the NCR Create Date)


      Jan-2017 is a good example.  NCR may have been open in Oct, Nov or Dec.  I need the count of NCRs that were closed in Jan no matter when they were open.  No problem if I use Month Closed in Columns, but I need Month Created in Columns, so I can use the Calc field in other calcs.


      also, ultimately I need to create a chart using column I in excel for a chart of "Report Month Closure Rate"


      FYI please use the Hierarchies for dates instead of the date fields.  I created the hierarchies because the data is massive and refreshes daily and I needed a way to set the FY without having to edit daily.


      Hope you can help.

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          Shinichiro Murakami

          HI Doborar,


          When you need to filter both start and end, you need to pivot data source.

          From edit data source








          and so on...


          For year and quarter, I think you may be able to use Tableau's FY function, but totally not sure and that's different topic.





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            Deborah Auer

            Thank you for your help but I am totally confused.  I don't need help with the FY calculation.  I have that, and must use what I have because my data is massive and is refreshed daily from a server that I do not have access to.  When refreshed it remove the tableau FY.


            Now for my real issue.  I am trying to duplicate column G and column I in excel while keeping the Tableau column set to FY Created and Month Created.


            If this is what you sent me, my apologies, but I don't see the results.



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              Shinichiro Murakami

              Hi Deborah


              Sorry I don't understand what is your issue.

              Could you illustrate something.




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                Deborah Auer

                Issue 1.  In the excel attachment, I need a calculation to give me the results of column G.  While the column area in Tableau has FY Created and Month Created as in Sheet1.


                Issue two.  a chart that has the same results that I am showing in excel column I.

                This is the ultimate goal.  But in excel I need the calc from column G to create a calc for column I.


                Hope this explains it.  I just want tableau to do the same calcs as I have in excel.