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    Tableau Prep - Pivot Tall to Wide


      Hi all,

      It looks like the current Pivot functionality in Tableau Prep only allows a user to pivot a data set from Wide to Tall (the help guide suggests that Tableau Desktop works better with "Tall" data sets). There are times when I want to do the opposite; is there anyway to accomplish this in Tableau Prep? Is this feature in the pipeline?






      Month     Apples     Oranges     Bananas


      July          5               7                    3

      August     4               8                    6





      Month          Fruit          Count


      July               Apples             5   

      July               Oranges          7

      July               Bananas          3

      August          Apples             4

      August          Oranges          8

      August          Bananas          6



      David Yeadon