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    YOY/YTD Comparison (School applications)

    Gaylon Alfano

      Update: Hello, Johanna Knapp, I attended your session during TC18 and just now got around to this problem again. You suggested that I mention you in a thread. Appreciate your help when time permits!


      Hi Tableau community - I've been searching, reading, and experimenting with several of the suggestions mentioned here on the forums regarding how to calculate YOY and/or YTD comparisons. One thread that came up again and again is this one (certainly worth the read if you haven't yet): YOY YTD Bar Chart  My situation is similar to the one shared in that thread. However, I need to take my calculation one step further.


      I'm trying to compare YOY/YTD applications submitted for various grade levels throughout a given year and be able to further break that down academic years.  A common question I encounter is: How many applications did we have for Grade X, at Y point in time, for Z school year? For example, let's say a standard academic year starts in mid-August and ends around mid-June. However, applications can be received at any time and for current or future school year (e.g., currently we're in the 2017-2018 school year but today received five applications - two for this school year, three for the 2018-2019 school year). I've attached a workbook with some sample data to give you an idea.


      On the first viz, I went through the steps outlined from the link/thread above. However, I need to break it down one more level to the actual school year, which I'm finding difficult to do. Our applications have a "Date of App" date field and our school years are essentially the "Sheet" field that Tableau generates.


      You'll see that I've tried a few different methods but so far to no avail. I've even tried to use the viz in tooltip feature, but can't seem to get it to show a running total breakdown by grade as one alternative way to answer the main question (see screenshot and/or workbook viz). The tooltip only displays the total applications for the selected month instead of showing the running sum of applications by grade up to that point in time.


      Sigh. Clearly much more to learn but thank you in advance for any tips/advice/suggestions.