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    Issue with Publishing w/Tableau Server 10.5.0

    Angelique Pickett

      Hello everyone! My company upgraded to Tableau Server 10.5.0 last Friday and as of today when you go onto our internal Tableau site to view published workbooks and views there has been an extra layer added. Before you would see a Project folder, within which you would find your published workbooks containing views. Now there is an added and unnecessary extra step - Project folders contain Projects then workbooks and then views. How do I get rid of this added layer? The addition makes it appear as though nothing is published as when you click where you would have previously seen the workbooks it simply says "No projects" which is making users believe there is no longer anything there to be viewed.

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          Mark McGhee

          Hi Angelique,


          The behavior you're seeing was part of 10.5.0 release which got changed with the first maintenance release 10.5.1


          Nested Projects - Default view should be Workbooks


          It's a little bit of a longer thread but well worth the read if you have time.   Realize that your organization recently upgraded Tableau Server but if they did decide to go with a higher maintenance release (10.5.3 is out now and 10.5.4 will be out in May) it tends to be easier upgrade.  In that if you run the installation on the Primary it can push a package down to any workers in Tableau Cluster to upgrade those.

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            Angelique Pickett

            Thanks for the quick reply! I will let IT know about the upgrade issue and other versions.

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              Mark McGhee

              Hi Angelique,


              Just a quick follow on, the way Tableau does releases is once we do a major version release like 10.5.0, for the next 6 months after there will be a monthly maintenance release.   We've already released 10.5.1, 10.5.2, and 10.5.3.   We're not expecting folks to upgrade to each maintenance release as that would put a lot of strain on IT departments but if you're on 10.5.3 or 10.5.4 the chance of running into additional issues goes way down.  After 6 months we'd then do a release every quarter.  The exception being if any security issues pop up that warrant a release we could have one sooner as well as if a major issue got uncovered that has the potential to impact a lot of customers.


              If your IT team would like to see what issues have been addressed in the prior maintenance releases we have that information here:


              Tableau Server | Tableau Software


              They just need to drill down on the appropriate version.