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    Data Source Refresh

    muhammad muhib

      Hi folks need your precious suggestion regrading the automation of the process of data source refresh.

      Our scenario.





      Our database is hosted on a 3rd party database cloud hosting ,we don't have access to the database machine we just have a link(url) and database credentials of schema .

      I have installed TABLEAU DESKTOP in my office laptop on which is used as a development machine. I have made a  live data source connection to my Database . I published  workbook along with the embed data source inside the workbook to Tableau online from that laptop everything  works fine but the problem is that i have to manually update the data source  in TABLEAU DESKTOP then re-publish it to TABLEAU online by over writing  the existing workbook on TABLEAU online. It's a time taking task as data increases over time .

      All i want to do is to automate the whole process.


      I cannot install tableau  bridge as i don't have access to my Database machine.

      I heard about some enhancement in  TABLEAU 2018.1  relating to tableau Bridge.



      Hope someone will help me regrading this as previously developers  helped me on various issues.