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    Displaying several different calculated values only in a totals line (not in the body of the report).




      I'm trying to replicate the reports (see attached) particularly the ones contained in the "Cause by District" tab.  I'm close by I don't know how to add calculations contained in the workbook sheet "Grand totals W HEADERS" to the main sheet, "Totals correct gold lines".  I thought perhaps I could add the two sheets to one dashboard but that's proving more difficult than I anticipated.  I'm looked at last, index, and size but can't seem to find the combination that tells the report that I only want those specific totals on the bottom "Total Count" row. 


      I generally use the "Empire Educational Systems, Inc., report for comparison because it includes the most data (total = 135).


      Any tips on printing the entire report in a readable manner on either legal or tabloid size paper would be most appreciated as well.


      Thank you!




      P.S. Packaged workbook 10.5 attached along with sample reports I'm trying to replicate.