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    Apply recursive filter action on dashboard using cluster feature on click activity on section of horizontal bar chart


      Hi All,


         I have a requirement to implement using Tableau. Here is the requirement:


         1. I have received a  excel file DataSource

         2. Now I have to generate a horizontal bar chart after applying 3 clusters on it ( Not automatic clustering ). i.e. Three different bar diagram in same bar chart. Clustering principle will be labeled adjacent to each bar diagram.

         3. User click on one bar diagram (  cluster1 related ) and now the requirement is to REFRESH and RENDER SAME BARCHART and apply same clustering principle again to the subset of data-set and render another bar chart with 3 bar diagram for next level cluster. User can repeat this drill down activity by selecting another one cluster diagram and we need to render same diagram with another 3 cluster and so on till the data set reach to one entity.

        4. How to achieve this recursive filter actions on same dashboard without navigating to another dashboard ?



      I just started with Tableau and need to figure out how to do achieve this in Tableau end to end.


      Please help me out.