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    It's a new day for data!

    Marissa Michelotti

      Hi, Tableau Community!


      It’s a new day for data! We’re so excited to share that today we’re launching a brand new product, Tableau Prep, announcing new subscription offerings, and releasing our latest software update!


      Our new offerings are making it easier to empower everyone with data—and that means our data family is growing. To celebrate, we want you to highlight YOUR data family—whether it’s a data mentor, a colleague, or even that amazing software you love, we want to take this moment to celebrate everyone and everything that helps you see and understand your data.


      Here’s how to participate:

      • Pick photos of you and your data family—these could be selfies or group photos from User Groups, conferences, or your daily life…there are so many options!
      • Choose from one of the #DataFam filters and add it to your photos—like this:
        • How do you add the filter? It’s super easy—open your photo in Microsoft Word, drag filter into the doc, make sure the filter is wrapped-text: in-front of text, drag the filter on top of it, and save the photo. 


      Don’t want to share a photo? No worries! Here are other ways to participate:

      • Tag your #DataFam in the comments of these (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) posts.
      • Tell us about your #DataFam in a blog or video—we want to hear about these data rockstars!


      We can’t wait to see who is in your #DataFam!