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    Sliders for pie charts on maps, long loading time

    Santi Roberts



      Newbie here with what I hope is an easy set of questions to answer!  I have data mapped as pie charts onto a global map background.  Display and workbook attached or available here - you may need to click on the 'Recommendations by region maps (takes a while to load)' link if it drops you onto the menu. I have it broken into three separate maps at the moment because I haven't been able to come up with a single map that meets everyone's needs.  So, currently it takes forever to load (and sometimes seems to fail), and the multiple maps seems an unclean way of doing what I want it to do:


      • Some mechanism, perhaps a slider, to allow the end user to control the size of the pies.  I know it can be controlled within tableau using the 'Size' option in the 'Marks' box, but I haven't found a way to let the end user control this.
      • Some mechanism to allow the end user to select what geographic level they want the data displayed at (i.e. continent, region, or country).  So, the user can select, say, continent, and the pie chart will display at the continent level (currently the top map in the display), and if the user wants pie at a more detailed level, they can select the region or country level.


      Hopefully, this is clear!  Any thoughts would be most welcome!


      I'm currently using tableau public (the free one). 


      Thanks, Santi


      adding this @ as Łukasz was very helpful for my last question!  @Łukasz Majewski