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    ESRI to Tableau Connection

    Allan Walker

      Hi folks,


      I've managed to connect to ESRI and pull the data dynamically into Tableau.


      This method will work for your personal geodatabases.


      In ESRI:


      1. Go to your Catalog, right click, and add a folder (this stage is optional, but you'll probably want to create projects in folders)
      2. Right click the folder and create personal geodatabase. Call this the name of your project
      3. RIght click on your personal geodatabase and create a table.
      4. You'll be using the Microsoft Jet Engine to connect to this: you may have noticed that the file extension of the personal geodatabase is .mdb


      In Tableau:


      1. Connect to data.  Use Microsoft Access.
      2. Browse to your projectname.mdb (this will probably be in C: drive -> your name -> your documents -> ArcGIS -> optional folder name
      3. Connect to your table.  You can choose to work live or extract.
      4. Now, you can make the changes you want in ESRI.  Here is a pointfile of every airport in the world, connected using this method in Tableau.


      ESRI to Tableau.png

      ESRI and Tableau side-by-side using Microsoft Jet Engine.


      This opens up a whole new world.  You can now easily create custom boundaries, geocode addresses, create lines from X/Y (rhumb, great circles)...what ever you need to do in ESRI.  The only limitation is 2GB file size.


      Best Regards,