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    Filtering based on marks on map (without clicking)

      Hi everybody,


      I am facing an issue in a dashboard containing a map and several other sheets. What I am trying to achieve is to filter one of those sheets based on marks shown on the map, while the map is already filtered.


      In other words, say I have a total of 1,000 marks on my map. My map filter (showing only marks in certain distance from one of the marks) then keeps only 30 marks in the view. I need these 30 marks to show as a list in a different sheet. How do I tell Tableau to show these 30 marks (without clicking in the map and selecting them, thus eliminating the need for a user to manually select all marks)?


      The calculation that selects those 30 marks on the map is quite complex and cannot be used as a condition in a set (for some reason). It is a table calculation which is then further edited in view (dimensions, sorting, etc...). That means I cannot find any field that would actually define what I am seeing on the map.


      There might be some simple workaround but I haven't figured that out yet.


      Thanks very much,