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    How to Set Default Execution Engine as mr in Hortonworks Hadoop Hive Drive


      Hi Gurus,


      I am using Hadoop at my organisation and I am trying to connect with Hadoop using native driver of Horton works Hadoop Hive ( executed through HiveServer2 ).


      Problem Statement: My All the quires are serving by TEZ engine by default.

      Requirement Statement: Where as I want to execute all the quires using MapReduce engine.

      Options Tried: I used initial SQL option to set the same set hive.execution.engine=mr;

      Current Version : Tableau Desktop 9.3.3


      But I am unable to do the same and getting no error or warning message in Tableau. I checked my server at Hadoop end and I found my all the quires are stilling serving by TEZ engine only.



      I explored to get it resolved by using ODBC drive and I am able to do it but in ODBC driver it is taking to much time to get the result out.


      Current Limitation: We are not in a position for server upgrade as it is a huge process for us as we have very huge team of Developers and interactors.


      Please help me with some workaround.