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    Calculating Working Days between events

    Dan Cotton

      I am trying to calculate the number of working days (days with activity) between two events.  I am working on visualizing documents as they travel through a workflow.  They are received, then scanned, then indexed, and then processed.  I have the receive date in my data.  I am identifying the scan, index and processed dates from the data set based on conditions of a document transfer.  (When document is moved from an un-indexed bin to a processing bin it has been indexed).


      I would like to calculate the duration to index the document.  I am trying to use DATEDIFF('day', [IndexDate], [ScanDate]), but this provides the total number of days between the two events (including weekends).  I am trying to figure out how to measure the difference between the two dates only counting dates where >0 documents were indexed.


      Any help would be appreciated!