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    What are your top challenges when you first use Tableau?

    Sean Li

      Hi all,


      I'm a product manager at Tableau and my team focuses on new user onboarding. Could you share with us what your top challenges are at the start of your Tableau journey? When you first signed in to Tableau Server or Tableau Online, opened your first dashboard, or published your first view, what are some of the top issues that might have confused you and slowed you down? We realize that sometimes it can be basic and little things that frustrate users the most. So please don't hesitate to share anything on the top of your mind, big and small.


      Thank you for your support!


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          Hello Sean,


          I'd like to share some of my pre-sales experiences.


          It took me much time to explain to the customer, where do the dimension and measure items "come from".

          Actually the data connection was a live connection to Excel. The customer had been a heavy user of another BI tool (I'm not to disclosure the product name), and the customer thought the data items were fetched into Tableau.


          I always introduce the tabs (Projects, Workbooks, Views, Data Sources) carefully to my customers when they first login into server, in order to prevent the confusion.


          I always explain the Server permission model carefully. Permissions are on containers, site roles are on entities, & etc.


          Most of the concepts are clear to me, but difficult to understand for many customers at the first sight.





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