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    List of where Fields are used in Tableau Server

    Tony Chan

      Hi, I am able to query the postgres VIEWS table to get a list of Fields in Rows and Columns shelf.  We are using Tableau Server 10.5.1.


      Question: My users want to know if there is a way to get a list of the following to see where certain confidential fields are used?

      • Fields used in Filters and/or Parameters?
      • Fields used in Measure Values?
      • Fields used in Tableau calculated fields?
      • Fields used in a datasource?


      I looked at the DATASOURCES table and did not find fields.  Is there a good way to find above?   I saw that one developer converted each workbook to xml and searched each one individually to get calculated fields. I also sent my user the information from Tableau Desktop menu WorkSheet > Describe to see if it helps them.


      Thanks, Tony