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    Force tableau workbook to show updated data on each dashboard load

    Kapil Lehar



      We have an issue on the server wherein we have user specific data. The issue is if a user ABC logs in, after which user XYZ logs in, then user XYZ will still be able to see user ABC's data. I know this can be because of the cache settings on the server and the infrastructure team wont be changing the settings to 'Refresh more often' due to many reasons.


      But every time the user clicked the refresh button on the server, he was able to see the correct data. But we cant afford to show users some other data.

      We know that appending refresh=y in front of the URL will return the correct data each time.

      So how do we ensure that 'refresh=y' parameter is always present in the URL when we load the user specific report?


      Any alternate solutions would also help.


      1 thing we have tried : Taking another workbook and putting a web page on the dashboard with the URL having refresh=y. This is like a dashboard within a dashboard.
      We would however like to implement this in the normal way and not by embedding the dashboard link into another dashboard.