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      I have a field called Quarter End Date which has been used as a global filter. I want to use it as the X-axis of my chart in year format with the

      below condition:

      The value of the Quarter End is: 2017 Q3, 2017 Q2, 2017 Q1...........2009 Q4, 2009 Q3, 2009 Q2, 2009 Q1 etc.

      If the user selects 2017 Q2, the chart should display data for all Q4(2009 Q4, 2010 Q4.......2016 Q4) + 2017 Q2. If the user selects 2013 Q3 then the chart
      should display data for all Q4 (2009 Q4, 2010 Q4, 2011 Q4,2012 Q4) + 2013 Q3.

      What should be the correct formula for X-axis ?




      Workbook, Data and Expected Output examples are attached.