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    % Difference QoQ using date field

    Jesse Narang

      Hi, tableau community,


      I have a simple viz that looks like below:


      I have an activity date filter on the top right as you can see. I am trying to do one of the 2 things below:


      1. Have another date field right underneath the activity date filter which will compare the values from activity date vs other date field column and show % difference values right next to the measure i.e something like below




      2. Comparing same time previous quarter using date range selected in the activity date filter i.e if I select 1/1/2018 - 2/28/2017 in the activity date filter then automatically the % difference column should compare the first 2 months of the current quarter against 2 months of the previous quarter.


      I hope I was able to explain my problem but more than happy to explain further if required.


      I have attached my workbook also.


      Thanks in advance!