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    Highlighting issues when trying to dynamically set default values

    David Marquardt



      I'm having a problem with dynamic highlighting, in the vein of this discussion: Highlighting issues .


      What makes my case unique is that I'm using the action to set a default value when I select a category in a list.  Similar to this guide: How to dynamically set default values for quick filters | Tableau Software


      I can make the default values work fine when I'm using a filter. Is there any way to make them work with highlight?


      For example, In the attached worksheet - I have two main dimensions: commodity and region.  Each commodity has a number of regions that grow that crop.  

      For ease of selection, I created a variable (_defaultRegion) that defaults to a certain region in the country, when the user selects a specific commodity.


      CASE [Commodity]

      WHEN 'Barley' THEN 'Fruitful Rim'

      WHEN 'Corn' THEN 'Heartland'

      WHEN 'Cotton' THEN 'Fruitful Rim'

      WHEN 'Oats' THEN 'Heartland'

      WHEN 'Peanut' THEN 'Southern Seaboard (AL, GA)'

      WHEN 'Rice' THEN 'California'

      WHEN 'Sorghum' THEN 'Prairie Gateway'

      WHEN 'Soybean' THEN 'Heartland'

      WHEN 'Wheat' THEN 'Northern Great Plains'




      I created two dashboards - one with a filter action (fitlerPract) and one with a highlight action(highlightPract).


      The filter properly highlights only one of the regions - because it uses the relationship between _defaultRegion in the selector sheet, and Region in the resulting sheet.


      In other words, If I select Peanuts for the commodity, I want to get the default region of Southern Seaboard (AL, GA) in the other worksheet





      In the highlight mode, I can't do this type of 'join', because I need to have the same variable be the basis of the relationship in both sheets - and any selection of commodity results in a highlight of all regions that use that same commodity.


      When I select Peanuts, it now returns all regions that have peanuts, instead of the one that I wanted (Southern Seaboard (AL, GA))




      For the highlight action, this is how I have it set up:





      Is there a way someone has found to get around this issue with highlighting?