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    calendar Date Picker

    mark schukas

      I have a Date Picker on a Parameter for the user to select (works well).


      but I would like to limit the dates in the Date Picker to the Order Date's minimum and maximum...?




      thank you.

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          Jeevan Krishna

          Hi Mark,


          There are ways to do this, but there is also a problem, which I will explain later.


          When you are creating a date parameter, there are 3 different modes we can create on.


          I assume you are using All


          Instead if you use List or Range, you have extra options available. Of which, Add from Field is the option that helps you select the date field on which your date parameter ranges should be set on.


          In Range, you can either manually set the date range or set the range through the field you need on.



          Problem: The problem now using these functionality is that, these are static in nature. If you are connecting to a database where the date field on which you build the parameter has some new values, the parameters do not update accordingly.


          But, if you are only using this dashboard for a static view, this is your best solution.


          Hope this helps


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            mark schukas

            thank you.


            looking for the Calendar Picker to be dynamic, based on the latest Data Refresh...


            any other options (or we can just inform the user...)...?