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    Diverging color help

    Carrie Atwood

      I am using diverging color Red-Green-Gold to show % of goal achieved.  I have it set as 5 steps, with a start of 0, and an end of 1 (100%).  I have my center set at .75 because I don't want the color to start turning green until this point.

      What I would like to see is that any bars at or above 100% would be the darkest green since the goal is achieved.  But instead I am seeing the bar with the highest value show as the darkest green, and then others that are at or over 100% but lower than that highest bar a lighter green.


      I expect to see bars between .75 and 1 to be green-sh, but I am also expecting everything at or above 1 to be the darkest green.


      Any suggestions?

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          Martin Dunleavy

          Please post sample workbook so we can see what you are currently working with.

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            Jim Dehner

            Hi Carrie

            Don;t know how to do it automatically but if you are using 5 steps you can create a color code like this



            and apply that to the color tile


            then edit the color




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              nikher verma

              Hi Carrie Atwood ,



              It would be really great if you would have added a twbx file but as I was working on something like this ,I have created one .


              Let me explain it .


              it starts with 0 and ends at 10,000 ,even though we have values greater than 10k (same condition as yours ).

              As its a 5- stepped color data band , the dark green will appear for all values greater than 8k .


              0 - 2k                             ::1st Color

              2k-4k                             ::2nd Color

              4k-6k                             ::3rd Color

              6k-8k                             ::4th color

              anything above 8k         ::5th Color


              Hope this will solve your problem .


              -Nikher Verma

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                Carrie Atwood

                Thanks - this worked, although not something I would like to do every time.  But in a pinch, I will remember it!

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                  Carrie Atwood

                  This was helpful as well.  If I make my upper limit at 1.2 it appears to show how I would like it although I need to figure out the best place for "center" since I don't want it at the actual center throws it off again.