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    Filter sort and showing a selection box

    Syed Shah



      I have two questions and would appreciate if someone can answer these


      1) Is it possible to sort a quick filter by a measure value. I understand that a table view used as a filter can be sorted by measure but it has few problems. First, I need the fliter as a dropdown and some as checkboxes. I cannot use the table view as a dropdown or checkboxes. Therefore, I am looking for ways to use a quickfilter as a filter



      2) Is it possible to show all the selections made on the dashboard. Maybe in a table or something else?




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          Syed Shah

          I found the answer to the second question. We can show the selection in the title of a worksheet. Now need answer to the first question

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            Daniel Thompson

            Found the answer to question #1. Tested in 10.3.


            1. Initially, your workbook will sort the dimension you have created a filter off of by data source order. Go to the data pane to the left, right click the dimension the filter is created from, Default Properties > Sort.
            2. Set to Alphabetic. Click Apply and OK.
            3. If you are using a measure as the sort property, you will need to convert it to a dimension. If you need it to stay as a measure, create a calculated field based on the same value to use as a measure.
            4. Convert-Sort-to-Dimension.png
            5. Right click the sorter property in the data pane (should be a dimension now), Default Properties > Sort.
            6. Set to Alphabetic. Click Apply and OK.
            7. Save your workbook (ensure it is still .tbw) and close the workbook.
            8. Open the workbook in text editor of your preference (Notepad++ is what I used).
            9. Find the section named ‘default-sorts’
            10. OG_Default_Sort.png
            11. Both your dimension you want sorted and your sorter field should be here. For the dimension you want sorted, change the class to ‘computed’ and add a using attribute set to your sorter field.
            12. New-Default-Sort.png
            13. Save the file and close the text editor.
            14. Reopen your workbook in Tableau.
            15. Your filter and column should be sorted based on your sorter field.
            16. Finished.png
            17. You will see the dimension is highlighted red, since it sees the default sort is “invalid”. To remove this error, set the sort on the dimension in the row shelf to whatever you’d like (even the sorter field since that is supported in the row shelf).