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    Sum values for two different dates

    Elena Besussi

      Total beginner here, so bear with me.

      I suspect this is not a date issue. Might be a data formatting problem


      I have a data table with three columns: ID, year, value. See table example below. The original  was a two entry excel table with ID as rows and Years as column and cells as value.

      Easy in excel to calculate anything across two years.

      How to do this in tableau with a pivoted table?

      I need a new field that has the difference between the values at distinct dates.

      E09000002 with value 1- value 3

      E09000003 with value 2 - value 4

      and so on


      Au IDYearValue


      2001value 1


      2001value 2


      2002value 3


      2002value 4