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    Satisfaction surveys - Importance & Satisfaction chart

    Jorge Jimenez Gonzalez

      Hi there!


      First of all I am quite new into Tableau, trying to learn as quickly as possible! I am especially interested in the analysis and visualization of survey data since it is my working field.


      Right now I am working on a pilot about satisfaction surveys, and I would like to know if you got some viz you could share to visualize information about importance of different factors, and satisfaction with each of them. Normally I would say importance is a scale question from 1-10, and satisfaction is a likert question in 5 levels. I am trying to create this from the scratch myself, but I would very much love to get inspired or supported by the Community. Also the idea is that I may compare the total results with one or two more bechmarks, so the typical bars on horizontal signifying differences vs benchmark would be great to have.