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    Format x axis options on Tableau

    May Ching

      Hi All,


      I am plotting over 100 years of data on Tableau and using the plots to add into a report. However showing all the years on the x axis is impossible.


      I am asking if anyone knows if there is an option of 'Interval between tick marks' on Tableau x axis not the y axis (which I know is possible).


      This is the options in excel spreadsheet where I have 100+ years data and have included an interval between tick marks = 5 and interval between labels = 5.

      This is what the plot on excel looks like once I have included the following options:

      However, on Tableau there is no way where I can determine which bar chart is which year. There is no mark tick lines between intervals options. Hence readers are not able to indentify which line may be the 2013 year unless they count the lines which is not efficient.


      I have attached the above example of this below.


      I hope someone has encountered this problem especially if they are a data analyst. It would be a very helpful option of Tableau can incorporate it into Tableau as it is a major limitation.


      Thanks and regards,