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        Very nice! Feels so simple once you get the hang of it doesn't it! lol (but it really isn't!).


        Taking this a step further...I've been playing around with a follow-on flow, to see how things progress from stage 1, to 2, to 3:



        However, I don't seem to be getting the highlight action quite right. When I hover on the blue segment on the far left for example, it will dim all other segments on the left, and dim all of the non-blue lines between left and middle, will retain the full colouring of the two middle segments, and dim all lines and segments on the right. Ideally I don't want the right hand side lines and segments to dim at all. Any ideas?

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          Jeff Strauss

          I don't understand.  Can you post a workbook?  You can even use the one I posted as a starting point if you want.

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            Hi Jeff, sorry I missed this!! Not to worry in any case, I figured that what I was trying to do wasn't important in terms of explaining the message, so I've shelved that 'issue' for now.



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              Jeff Strauss

              Hi Mohsin.  We're starting to play with the 3 year flow like you demoed via your screenprint.  Is it possible for you to share the 3 year version from your 9/27 post?

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                Hi Jeff,


                Here's the packaged workbook for the three bar-sankey. Quite easy to piece together, with it being:

                1. A
                2. A-to-B lines
                3. B
                4. B-to-C lines
                5. C


                I.e. 5 sheets, and then the table calculations being the same format as before, but in the details for the lines A-to-B you'd have A and B to refer to, and then for lines B-to-C you'd have B and C in the details.


                The main thing is the data prep, which I had as a separate Excel sheet with every combination of my left/right side relationships, which I then created a key off of in order to then count against the cases where that same key existed in my fuller dataset. I did this to avoid having to duplicate my entire dataset, which was huge, when all I really needed was a count of the relationship - hence the decision to create a seperate reference sheet for the Sankey charts (which all tally back to the full dataset anyway).


                I was thinking about this if it was to be extended even further to 4, 5, 6...n number of links further down the line, say for example you wanted to analyse flows from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 etc...I'm not sure my approach would be the most efficient for such a case. Unless, or course, an Alteryx workflow (or similar process/macro) was used to generate all the combinations. For 2 or 3, it's manageable though.




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                  Jeff Strauss

                  This is great stuff, thanks a lot!!!!!!!

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                    Alexander Mou

                    1.Sigmoid can be written a bit simpler:


                    2.the data preparation can be done using Cross Join or Union


                    Vizible Difference: Creating Sankey Chart Made A Bit Easier

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                      Aung Myat

                      Hi Moshin,

                      I am interested in it. I am having the similar issue as you did.As you can see below, the lines are misplaced. I highlighted Kane in this snap shot and yet the lines started from Trippier.

                      However, I am using tableau public as such I am not able to open it.

                      Your advise would be much appreciated.


                      Aung Myat

                      Mohsin Khan

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                        Aung Myat

                        Hi Moshin,

                        Would you mind to attach as public version.?
                        Mohsin KhanThanks


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                          Tre Jones

                          Hi Mohsin Khan


                          This is really helpful discussion and thank you for posting your answer. I know its been a while, but i just a question regarding your left side columns. How were you able to evenly distribute the size and still have the lines connect to it?

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