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    Counting Rows From Another Sheet Calculation

    Jonathan Hodge

      Howdy all!


      I am playing with an event where I have a worksheet with it's own table calculation and to have a count of the row results from that sheet appear beside it.

      My issue is that simply applying filters and such is simple for a row count but when that one worksheet has a very particular table calculation, how do I grab those changes and calculate that on my worksheet that's just counting?


      I attached a quick super-store dashboard in 10.5 as an example. As a bonus I am using the calculation:


      RANK_PERCENTILE(WINDOW_AVG(sum([Sales]), 0 , 10))


      I don't even know what that does in accordance to my table I slapped together lol. I saw it somewhere if someone could explain it. Reading the functions was a bit confusing for me in accordance to what I see it represent on the table.


      Thanks for any assistance!