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    Data View - show data at specific level of detail and limit data shown

    Monika Wright

      I can't find where this has been answered anywhere (or if it is thus possible).



      I would like to show the underlying data at a specific level and limit the data shown. I have three joined tables: (1) a census spatial file, (2) a census csv file, and (3) a csv file that contains metadata on newspaper advertisements. I have constructed the following visual: a dual axis filled map with data points.




      After filtering for a particular view, the user needs to be able to see the underlying data of the filtered view to aid in their research; otherwise the visuals are a construction in vanity.


      I want the user to only be able to view the data from the table in the metadata csv file. At present, the data view gives me a raw, unsorted, and unformatted data of all three tables (including calculated fields) combined without the user having any idea as to which column belongs to which table. Is there any way to alter the data view? Or if not, can I create an action that at minimum refers the user to a worksheet with that contains the table.