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    Assign the correct attribute for size to each line individually

    mayank jain

      In a previous iteration, my data was in four columns – rate, volume, product and date.  So, the chart was created by:

      • Columns: Date
      • Rows: Rate
      • Color: Product
      • Size: Volume


      I restructured my queries to organize them by user, rather than product (because users may obtain multiple products). So, now I have more columns, - e.g., rate (product 1), rate (product 2), volume (product 1), volume (product 2), and date.


      I am still able to represent these on a single graph by using blended axes.

      • Columns: Date
      • Rows: Measure Values (rates)
      • Color: Measure Names (rates)1.png

      But, I haven’t been able to assign size to each rate individually. I can assign a size, but the value will apply to all of the rates. If that’s not possible given the structure of my date,

      I wonder if I can create a calculated field function to do this using some sort of ifelse logic?