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    Tree diagram - where are my nodes?




      I built a tree diagram to show the relationship between main European languages and creole/pidgin languages. However, I've got problems with the tooltips. If you zoom into the nodes of Dashboard 1, you will see that they overlap. Consequently, the tooltip changes depending on which node you hover over. I would like it read eg. "Portuguese | Papiamentu", but it'll switch to "Portuguese | Dutch West Indies" on the second node since all my data is in the same 2 columns.


      Since I can't figure out how to get decent tooltips, I tried a different approach based on Klaus Schulte's viz. He simply drags "Category" on detail and no longer has the problem with overlapping nodes. I followed his steps in Dashboard 2, but no matter what I drag into my Measure Value details card, I don't get nodes on Level 2 (Creole/Pidgin) and Level 3 (Country/Region). I don't see where I went wrong. Am I missing something in the Excel file?


      What I want it to look like: Nodes on every level             What it looks like at the moment: nodes only on level 1